Natural beauty, calm surroundings and deep waters leads to scuba diving and other varieties of water sports and fishing an integral part of Maldives adventure. With water all around the Maldives islands, fishing in Maldives is imbibed in the blood. Fishing is a source of income for local fishermen with expertise and encourages trade at the islands. Not only does fishing lead to trade but also attracts tourism. Resorts, hotels and guest houses offer sunrise and sunset fishing for the guests at the tiny desolated islands of Maldives.


Game fishing in Maldives

Game fishing being one of the major activities at the bay during Maldives holidays, these islands arranges latest fishing equipment for their guests. Recreational activity of game fishing Maldives is a popular sport among the tourists. Most resorts provide boats and equipment to their guests that take the guests to the best fishing locations. Recreational purpose big and small fishes are added into the water to keep the guests entertained with the sport. Emperors, snappers and reef fishes are caught in the fishing net by the guests. Tropical climate allows the tourists to enjoy fishing.


The fishing rewards to relish your taste buds

Amazing water sports are fun to do along with fantastic food and exciting events which are imbibed in the culture of these islands. Dolphin safaris, excursions and fishing expand trade and tourism in the Maldives. With pristine vegetation, fishing and local handicrafts Maldives local islands are full of visual excitement. Excursions in Maldives enthrall you to check out the local handicrafts displayed by the dwellers.


When out on a Maldives luxury holiday you can enjoy fishing treat by grilling your prey on the barbeque. However, if you take pleasure in silent atmosphere, you can enjoy night fishing at Maldives. Amidst the dazzling water, soothing sand, cool breeze and lively environment night fishing is a fun activity to do. Again, you can easily turn the caught fish into delicious seafood. You will surely enjoy the serene sounds of nature around you and dark sky shining above you while night fishing. However, you must understand the norms of fishing the Maldives. Once you are done with fishing, you can sit back and relax on the soothing sand. You will definitely not find a better way to spend your holiday. Walking along the shore watching your foot prints on the sand under the stars is also an amazing experience in itself.